Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Minutes With Sasha Gohard & DGainz

When Sasha Gohard posted "Why They Madd" on Monday, some cohorts and I got to twitter-musing on why she hasn't gotten picked up for bigger projects or features yet. I figured I'd go straight to the source and sent her a message to see if she would be down to answer a few questions, to which she sweetly agreed.

Another important character in Sasha's story and in the Chicago scene at the moment is DGainz, who produces both beats and videos and is the man behind the visuals for Chief Keef's now-infamous anthem, "Don't Like." After reading Sasha's answers, I followed up with DGainz to hear how he does it. This kid's body of work is massive. He put out 10 videos in April alone, has 168 videos on his Youtube channel, and his complete discography is almost 50 tracks long and counting (see it on SoManyShrimp). He told me that while he prefers making beats, he has been focusing on making videos lately because he's been having hearing problems for the past year. I asked how many artists he's working with and he said he's lost count, but that it takes about 2-3 hours to shoot and many more to edit each video. These videos are no joke though – he doesn't just stick to one rote formula and apply it across the board, each song gets its own treatment. In a culture where music videos are tantamount to cred and currency, DGainz is one you want in your court.

The bottom line is that these kids are demanding attention, they're going to get it. Here's what Sasha had to say about her career, past present and future...

Emily: You just put out "Why They Madd" – is that part of a bigger mixtape coming out? What are you putting out next?
Sasha Gohard: Yes that's part of my mixtape coming out, and next will be a soft love song!

There's a big group of girls in Chicago putting out music and videos right now (ChellaH, Shady, Katie Got Bandz to name a few). Are you all supportive of each other? Does it ever get competitive?
I mean, like me and Chella support each other, and me and Katie support each other. Everybody on their own on the come up but still support each other!

How did you get into rapping? When did you record your first song?
I been rapping for about 3 or 4 years but I first recorded and got serious early last year. I recorded my first song last year with DGainz.

What's your relationship with Chief Keef like?
Me and Chief Keef don't communicate like we used to! He doing his thing and I'm doing mine. I salute his success though!

Since Kanye co-signed Chief Keef a lot of bigger labels have been taking a closer look at the Chicago rap scene. Who are some other artists you think should get some credit? Have you been approached by any labels yet?
I truly believe I deserve some credit, Chris Mille, and SDot! A few labels approached me before but I wasn't feeling the movement and I'd rather wait for the best!

What's your day-to-day like? Are you in school? Working? Where do you go out, etc?
I work and rap and spend time with my main family. I don't too much go out unless I'm in the car. Too much fame (negative & positive).

What other artists or producers do you want to work with?
Producers I wanna work with is Young Chop, Absolut.P, and whoever cold. :)

Do you listen to Iggy Azalea or Azealia Banks? They have been getting a lot of buzz in the mainstream media lately, what do you think of their music?
Never heard of them.

How do you see your career going over the next 5 years?
I'll be worldwide with plenty of money making good music! :) :) :)

If you want more on Chicago rap, read FakeShoreDrive and SoManyShrimp. Those kids know more about their shit than I could ever pretend to. They also have a podcast, Disrespectful Radio which is definitely worth your time.
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  1. How beautiful is that girl? I LOVE that you had an interview with her after you just blogged her song the other day. I like her attitude & she seriously gave me a chuckle when she said "Never heard of them" - I couldn't tell if she was serious or not.

  2. This is such a pretty shade, it's so glossy too!

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