Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the look of love

I haven't really fallen head over heels over a pair of sneakers in a long time. But when I heard that Liberty London was doing another Nike collaboration, my interest was definitely piqued. The pair that I scored at an Opening Ceremony sample sale in Feb '10 remain some of my most treasured sneaks.

Butttt these "Tom's Jets" dunks are just so beyond ridiculously wonderful and splendid and fabulous. My heart is singing out for them. Here are some other standouts from the collection:
Obviously, these are all really wonderful too. The blazer lows on the far left are kind of perfectly subtle and give off a nice peachy color. They'd all look so great with white jeans this summer, or an awesome light/dark denim canadian tuxedo (just trust me on that last one).

Liberty will be releasing these styles in small batches throughout the month via their Twitter and Facebook pages, so if these shoes make your heart pitterpatter like mine, tune in.

kick off my shoes and swim good @toomanyronis

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