Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stripes, Redux

FCUK skirt / Gap shirt / Dad's sweater / Olsenboye shoes / Anne Klein coat / H&M sunnies / BDG hat
Wore this on a windy Saturday to fuel up at Sel de Mer before mainlining more Nip/Tuck (ppl say season 5 sucks, but I'm really into this Portia de Rossi / Bradley Cooper / Tia Carrera hot mess. Bring on the dram). I have had this skirt since high school and just recently had it tailored to fit better, but I think I've had it so long that I've lost all perspective on whether or not it's actually a cool skirt. Does this happen to you? I'm so used to seeing it my closet that I'm like, "Oh, you again. Do I even like you?" Is it really not cute and I just don't know it? ISSUES.

Today, I think I'm going to re-lace some of my sneakers to fresh-en them up a bit, put together a much needed music post for the Roni, and do my christmas/birthday wishlist post (btw my birthday is December 21, I'm a solstice baby). That mayyyyy be a bit over ambitious, especially since I just discovered the holy grail of style sites that I can't stop clicking at.

come on homegirl @toomanyronis